Tasty Kale Recipes

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Like other leafy greens, kale is packed with nutrition, rich in vitamins A, C, and K. It can be used in salads, of course, but also in soups, stews, or curries. I’m going to be honest – I haven’t always loved kale. But the issue was that I just wasn’t preparing it in ways that I enjoy. After some experimentation, I’ve found some favourite ways to make and eat kale that I actually love.

So I’m hoping this post will inspire you to do the same. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit is definitely something that can support our health, and my approach is to find ways that make this enjoyable (you can check out this post for more about that). Honouring our taste preferences and making eating pleasurable and satisfying is part of a healthy relationship with food. So I’m definitely not going to be telling you that you must eat plain, raw kale just for its health benefits (unless, of course, you happen to really enjoy eating plain, raw kale)!


When making a kale salad, the first thing you will want to do is wash it and remove the tough ribs (you can cut them out with a knife or simply pull the leaves off).

Next up, it’s time to massage the kale. OK, I know this sounds kind of pretentious and frankly just weird, but it really does make the texture and flavour a lot more appealing to me! Basically, you add some combination of a bit of oil, lemon juice, and/or salt, and give it a good massage for a couple of minutes, until the kale is just starting to wilt a bit. Here are a couple of recipes for massaged kale salads:

I also like using some finely chopped or shredded kale in combination with other greens to add some variety of flavour and texture to my salads.

Cooked Kale Recipes

Kale is also really delicious when cooked. I like sauteeing it with garlic and olive oil for a simple side dish, or throwing it into soups and stews. Here are some recipes for ideas:

What are your favourite ways to prepare and eat kale? Let me know in the comments below!

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