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Using a non-diet approach, I can help you with nutrition concerns in many areas, including the following:

  • Developing a positive relationship with food through intuitive eating
  • Getting out of the cycle of yo-yo dieting
  • Taking the stress out of nutrition
  • Vegetarian/vegan/plant-based diets
  • Managing chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease without overly restrictive diets that make you feel guilty and deprived
  • Before or after surgery
  • Nutrition for seniors (working with seniors or their caregivers/loved ones)

I am here to support your health and well-being by providing nutrition recommendations that are evidence-based and tailored to fit your lifestyle. We will work together to develop realistic goals and strategies that foster a healthy relationship with food and meet your specific needs.

I will provide a judgment-free space for you to discuss any of your concerns. I aim to help you meet your health goals while feeling at peace with food and finding satisfaction and pleasure in eating. You can check out more about my philosophy and approach to nutrition here.

Do you ever…

  • feel frustrated and tired of trying every new diet (or “lifestyle change”) out there, only to feel more confused about food, disconnected from the pleasure of eating, and less comfortable in your body?
  • find yourself in a never-ending cycle of “being good” with your food choices, feeling like you’re never quite satisfied, and then ending up feeling out-of-control around food?
  • feel like there has to be more to the idea of “being healthy” than obsessing over every bite of food you put in your mouth? 

I am here to support you in reconnecting with your body’s signals around hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Learning to listen to and trust these signals supports your mental and physical well-being and helps you meet your physiological and psychological needs. My practice is informed by the principles of Intuitive Eating, an evidence-based eating framework that integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought to support mind-body health.

Are you a senior or a caregiver of an elderly loved one who has nutrition concerns such as…

  • changes in eating patterns due to factors such as appetite changes, difficulty preparing foods, taste changes, or changes in mood? 
  • changes in weight (weight loss or weight gain)?
  • managing multiple chronic conditions that are affected by nutrition?
  • balancing multiple different issues while trying to enjoy favourite foods and keep mealtimes positive? 

Good nutrition is an important part of aging, and older adults have different nutrition concerns. I have experience working with seniors in a variety of settings from the community to acute care and long-term care. So, I understand the unique concerns seniors may face – ranging from appetite changes to difficulties chewing or swallowing. Malnutrition is a big deal for older adults. With weight loss comes the loss of muscle – and muscle mass is important for keeping up strength, physical function, and independence. Aside from these physical aspects of nutrition, food can also be a profound source of joy, connection, and it can contribute to enhancing quality of life.