About Me

Hello there! I’m Lisa, a Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor based in the Comox Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island (originally from Edmonton, AB). What led me to this career path? I have always had a strong interest in science, working with people, and – of course – food, so studying nutrition seemed like a pretty good fit. I was totally sold when some of our labs in school involved baking and sampling different cake recipes!

After finishing up my internship and graduating from the University of Alberta, I worked as a clinical dietitian in a variety of areas, including surgery, intensive care, burns, and trauma. In this acute setting, my role as a dietitian was to help patients meet their nutritional needs, be that through food, tube feeds, or IV nutrition. I loved the challenges presented by often complex situations, and working with patients and the rest of the medical team to come up with solutions.

Moving into the world of private practice, I am passionate about helping people find joy in cooking and eating. I offer a personalized, compassionate and evidence-based approach that focuses on overall health and wellness (not weight, calories, or restrictive “food rules”).

Outside of my interest in nutrition, some of my favourite things are travel, animals, cute stationery, books, and coffee. I absolutely love the ocean (a major reason for my relocation from the prairies to Vancouver Island). Some of my favourite activities are scuba diving and kayaking, and I love watching wildlife both on land and in the water.