Why "fulfilling" nutrition?

On a basic biological level, food fulfills our nutritional needs. However, food is so much more than fuel. Food can give us comfort, bring us together, and connect us with culture and tradition.  I believe that having a healthy relationship with food can lead to a more fulfilling life, and I want to help you explore ways of approaching nutrition and eating that make you feel nourished, satisfied, and empowered – not deprived.

My Philosophy

There is no single “right” way to eat healthy

People selling the latest fad diet might want you to believe otherwise, but the truth is there is no one “perfect” diet. Healthy eating can look totally different from one person to another. A truly healthy way of eating is flexible and balanced, and makes room for the foods you love.

Health is about so much more than the number on the scale

Weight is actually not a great indicator of physical health. And beyond that, health is not just physical – it is emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. I believe all of these facets are important, and I want to help you make behaviour changes that support your overall health. Together, we will look at the big picture.

Eating well should be enjoyable, not stressful and complicated

There is so much information (and misinformation) about nutrition out there – no wonder many people are confused and frustrated. I can help you make sense of it all. In my practice, we will work together to set realistic goals and come up with practical ways to get there.